…drawing for donkey’s years…

Born and bred in Yorkshire, England, now living in the Comox Valley on Vancouver island, BC, Canada. Like many who follow a creative path its been an interesting journey so far.

Many years ago, with an encouraging wave from my parents, a hankerchief packed with a solid piece of Yorkshire pudding, a crumpled sketch book in hand and a sturdy pair of shoes on my feet, I set off in search of adventure.

After stopping awhile to gain a degree in Visual Arts, I moved on, working and travelling around the world, on snow and at sea, still sharpening my pencils, nibbling my Yorkshire pudding and re-heeling my soles…

Then one day, in the right place at the right time, I joined the Forestry Commission in England as a graphic designer. Growing comfortable in the role, my desire for new horizons took hold again so I set off, with fresh rations, to Canada.

With over 20 years of design experience – gained in the public and private sector, in-house and freelance, mostly in parks and forestry, I continue to work in the creative field. Using paper and pen, crayons and digital technology, specialising in illustration and design that has an environmental focus.

I wear several different creative hats, often at the same time – designer, illustrator and artist. To be successful, each role calls for a particular range of skills and abilities whilst all share the need for perspective, a sense of curiousity and technical ability. I endeavour to bring all three attributes to the drawing board with every project I’m involved in.

Thanks for stopping by…