A ramblin' rose...

Born and bred - though thankfully not "int' shoe-box" -  in Sheffield, Yorkshire, I was an early adopter of pencil and paper, graduating to painting on walls as soon as my arms could reach... 

With creative streak still alight, following many stops along the way, I now live in the Comox Valley on Vancouver island, BC, Canada, working in a cosy garden studio.

Once upon a time, with an encouraging wave from my parents, a handkerchief packed with a corner piece of Yorkshire pudding, sketch book in hand and sturdy boots on my feet, I set off in search of adventure.

With a degree in Visual Arts under my belt, I began to compile what would eventually become a thousand-page resume; travelling and working overseas; on snow, on water, indoors, outdoors - all the while nibbling pudding and experiencing life at large. Joining the Forestry Commission in England enabled me to build my creative skills and focus on environmental interpretation.

I shook things up with a move to Vancouver, Canada in 1996. After various roles including an enjoyable stint as a movie extra (no pun intended!), I worked as graphic designer in a Parks department of regional government, continuing to specialise in nature interpretation. 

Winking Owl Design was also hatched, enabling me to work part-time on personal projects and other crust-providing creative freelance opportunities.

Fast forward a few years and I'm here, still working on my own art alongside freelance projects. The mix of fine art, illustration and graphic design is an interesting one since each one calls for individual skills whilst sharing the common need for creative perspective, curiousity and technical ability. With this in mind, I try to bring all of these attributes to the drawing board, along with an essential sense of humour!

Phew! Need a cuppa tea after all that...