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Latest work

Torn between wanting to create and needing to weed! It's that time of year where the birds are singing, the days and grass grow long and the garden is the place to be. Warm and bright, the increasingly colourful palette outside the studio happily inspires the creative soul within.

Menton Sketches


Colours from a different palette

A recent trip to Menton, a town on the French Riviera, provided a much-craved-for wealth of artistic inspiration. Rich in both natural and cultural elements, warm and vibrant hues, architectural detail, citrus tree-lined streets, and dramatic sunrises and sunsets over the ever changing blues of the Mediterranean sea - the overall effect undoubtedly heightened in contrast by the Canadian winter I'd left behind. Warmed by delightful spring sunshine, the company of friends and family, and fresh croissant and chocolat chaud, my senses were awakened and I happily indulged my personal love of bright and cheerful colours to create a few sketches which hopefully reflect some of the joy I felt during my time there.